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Battle of Caen in World War II

Clash of Caen in World War II The Battle of Caen was battled from June 6, to July 20, 1944, during World War II (1939-1945). Arranged on the Orne River around nine miles from the Normandy coast, the city of Caen was a key street and rail center point in the district. The city was distinguished by the Allies as an early objective for troops coming aground during the D-Day intrusion. As opposed to rapidly falling, the battle for Caen turned into a ridiculous, granulating undertaking that went on for seven weeks because of serious German obstruction. While an exorbitant battle, the battling around Caen nailed down German soldiers which encouraged Operation Cobra in late July. This saw the Allies breakout of the foothold and move to circle German powers in Normandy. Foundation Situated in Normandy, Caen was distinguished at an early stage by General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Allied organizers as a primary target for the D-Day intrusion. This was generally due to the citys key situation along the Orne River and Caen Canal just as its job as a significant street center point inside the area. Thus, the catch of Caen would extraordinarily repress the capacity of German powers to react rapidly to Allied activities once aground. Organizers likewise felt that the generally open territory around the city would give a simpler line of advance inland rather than the more troublesome bocage (hedgerow) nation toward the west. Given the ideal landscape, the Allies likewise proposed to build up a few runways around the city. The catch of Caen was appointed to Major General Tom Rennies British third Infantry Division which would be helped by Major General Richard N. Storms British sixth Airborne Division and first Canadian Parachute Battalion. In the last designs for Operation Overlord, Allied pioneers expected for Kellers men to take Caen soon after coming aground on D-Day. This would require a development of roughly 7.5 miles from sea shore. D-Day Arriving during the evening of June 6, the airborne powers caught key extensions and big guns positions toward the east of Caen along the Orne River and at Merville. These endeavors viably hindered the enemys capacity to mount a counterattack against the sea shores from the east. Raging shorewards on Sword Beach around 7:30 AM, the third Infantry Division at first experienced solid opposition. Following the appearance of supporting defensive layer, Rennies men had the option to make sure about the ways out from the sea shore and initiated pushing inland around 9:30 AM. Their development was before long halted by a decided safeguard mounted by 21st Panzer Division. Obstructing the way to Caen, the Germans had the option to end Allied powers and the city stayed in their grasp as night fell. Therefore, the Allied ground officer, General Bernard Montgomery, chose for meet with the administrators of the US First Army and British Second Army, Lieutenant Generals Omar Bradley and Miles Dempsey, to build up another arrangement for taking the city. <img information srcset= 300w, 425w, 550w, 800w information src= src=//:0 alt=Bradley, Montgomery, and Dempsey class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-12 information following container=true /> Lieutenant General Sir Miles C. Dempsey (right) with the 21st Army Group authority, General Sir Bernard Montgomery (focus), and U.S. First Army leader, Lieutenant General Omar Bradley (left), 10 June 1944. Open Domain Quick Facts: Battle of Caen Strife: World War II (1939-1945)Dates: June 6, to July 20, 1944Armies Commanders:AlliesGeneral Bernard MontgomeryLieutenant General Miles Dempsey14 divisions, 8 reinforced/tank brigadesAxisField Marshal Erwin RommelField Marshal Gã ¼nther von Kluge15 divisions, 3 overwhelming tank forces Activity Perch Initially considered as an arrangement for breaking out of the foothold toward the southeast of Caen, Operation Perch was immediately modified by Montgomery into a pincer assault for taking the city. This called for I Corps 51st (Highland) Infantry Division and the fourth Armored Brigade to cross the Orne River in the east and assault towards Cagny. In the west, XXX Corps would cross the Odon River, at that point swing east towards Evrecy. This hostile pushed ahead on June 9 as components of XXX Corps started fighting for Tilly-sur-Seulles which was held by the Panzer Lehr Division and components of the twelfth SS Panzer Division. Because of postponements, I Corps didn't start their development until June 12. Meeting substantial opposition from the 21st Panzer Division, these endeavors were ended the following day. As I Corps moved forward, the circumstance in the west changed when German powers, having been under substantial assault from the US first Infantry Division on XXX Corps right started falling back. Seeing a chance, Dempsey guided the seventh Armored Division to abuse the hole and advance to Villers-Bocage before going east to ambush the left flank of the Panzer Lehr Division. Arriving at the town on July 13, British powers were checked in overwhelming battling. Feeling that the division was turning out to be overextended, Dempsey pulled it back with the objective of strengthening it and recharging the hostile. This neglected to happen when a serious tempest hit the territory and harmed flexibly procedure on the sea shores (Map). Activity Epsom With an end goal to recover the activity, Dempsey initiated Operation Epsom on June 26. Utilizing Lieutenant General Sir Richard OConnors recently showed up VIII Corps, the arrangement brought for a push over the Odon River to catch high ground south of Caen close Bretteville-sur-Laize. An auxiliary activity, named Martlet, was propelled on June 25 to make sure about statures along VIII Corps right flank. Helped by supporting tasks at different focuses along the line, the fifteenth (Scottish) Infantry Division, helped by defensive layer from the 31st Tank Brigade, led the Epsom assault the following day. <img information srcset= 300w, 449w, 598w, 898w information src= src=//:0 alt=Operation Epsom class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-26 information following container=true /> An ammo lorry of eleventh Armored Division detonates in the wake of being hit by mortar fire during Operation Epsom, June 1944. Open Domain Gaining great ground, it crossed the waterway, pushed through the German lines and started growing its position. Joined by the 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division, the fifteenth got occupied with substantial battling and repelled a few significant German counterattacks. The seriousness of the German endeavors prompted Dempsey pulling his a portion of his soldiers back over the Odon by June 30. Despite the fact that a strategic disappointment for the Allies, Epsom adjusted the equalization of powers in the district in support of themselves. While Dempsey and Montgomery had the option to keep up a power of stores, their adversary, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, was constrained to use his whole power to hold the cutting edges. Following Epsom, the Canadian third Infantry Division mounted Operation Windsor on July 4. This required an assault on Carpiquet and its contiguous runway which were found west of Caen. The Canadian exertion was additionally upheld by an assortment of authority defensive layer, 21 big guns regiments, maritime gunfire support from HMS Rodney, just as two groups of Hawker Typhoons. Pushing ahead, the Canadians, helped by the second Canadian Armored Brigade, prevailing with regards to catching the town however couldn't make sure about the runway. The following day, they turned around German endeavors to recover Carpiquet. Activity Charnwood Progressively baffled with the circumstance around Caen, Montgomery coordinated that a significant hostile be mounted to frontally attack the city. In spite of the fact that Caens key criticalness had diminished, he especially wanted to make sure about Verriã ¨res and Bourguã ©bus edges toward the south. Named Operation Charnwood, the key targets of the attack were to clear the city south to the Orne and secure scaffolds over the waterway. To achieve the last mentioned, a defensively covered segment was amassed with requests to race through Caen to catch the intersections. The assault pushed ahead on July 8 and was intensely upheld by planes and maritime gunfire. Driven by I Corps, three

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International Student Organization Free Essays

Universal understudy association. East Carolina University is a college with enlistment around 30,000 understudies; 299 of them is global understudies from 67 nations. At the point when understudies decide to go to the college; they start another piece of life. We will compose a custom exposition test on Global Student Organization or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now Numerous understudies go to concentrate in different urban communities, and a few understudies go to different nations. America is an exceptionally mainstream and high-class training that is esteemed everywhere throughout the world, and obviously a ton of understudies from different nations need to get a degree here. Individuals in various nations carry on in an unexpected way: religion, ethnicity, geographic area and personal satisfaction assumes a significant job in the conduct of individuals. In this manner, understudies that come to America from different nations have more trouble than the individuals who were conceived and hustled here. Outside understudies need time to change in accordance with an alternate culture, an alternate language, and numerous different things. A potential path for global understudy to manage the complexities of ECU joins the International Student Organization (ISA). The ISA help global understudies comprehend American culture and feel increasingly like comfortable by having celebrations, shopping and field trips and a variety of occasions. The ISA , one of more than 200 understudy associations at ECU, is for the most part made out of outside international students, or understudies who were not conceived in America in spite of the fact that. The gatherings and club are available to any individual who needs to join. The principle reason it was arrangement was to offer worldwide understudies a chance to increase a more noteworthy comprehension of the American culture partially through a grounds understanding, and furthermore to offer non-global ECU understudies, with an enthusiasm for one societies, information and involvement with working with people from different foundations. It likewise permits worldwide and American understudies to share understanding and find out about different societies at individual perspective. The ISA helping out International House gives an uncommon direction to worldwide understudies through the â€Å"First companion program† (FFP) with the goal that new understudies don't feel forlorn. Universal Ports O’Call phase of PirateFest The International understudy association was engaged with numerous exercises and occasions. Perhaps the greatest occasion wherein ISA was engaged with was the Pirate celebration. PirateFest allows worldwide understudies to share their way of life to help other people comprehend them etter. This â€Å"annual occasion celebrates eastern North Carolina’s rich history soaks with well known privateers, including the notorious Blackbeard and Greenville’s own Pirates of ECU† (Mike Davis), and urges individuals to wear privateer formal attire caps, blades, and eye patches. The celebration is held more than two days and is made out of various stages, every one of which speaks to an alternate occasion. The occasion includ e food, craftsmanship and specialties sellers and furthermore melodic and stage entertainers. Chronicled streetcar visits stage is a valuable and intriguing piece of the celebration on the grounds that it’s an incredible method to move around the celebration particularly for global understudies who don't have a clue about the area of avenues in the city. One of the most fascinating stages for universal understudies was the â€Å"International Ports O’Call† on the grounds that incorporates music, food, and attractions from countries around the globe, and it will assist worldwide understudies with feeling increasingly like at home and make it difficult to disregard their way of life. For worldwide understudies who are coming to concentrate in another nation it is elusive companions. It is difficult to become acclimated to the diverse conduct of individuals and be available to new colleagues. In this manner, and in collaboration with ISA the worldwide house made the program called â€Å"First companion program†(FFP). To be associated with FFP both tutor and mentee must round out an application, which has questions that help decide the foundation, interests, inclinations and other data expected to help choose the best mentee-mentee coordinate. The FFP is extremely simple in light of the fact that by rounding out an application you realize that you’ll meet somebody who has same interests as you. The FFP encourages worldwide understudies to conform to life at ECU as fast and easily as could be expected under the circumstances, and furthermore upgrade fulfillment with their scholarly and social experience. This program is valuable for understudies since they won't feel desolate and yearning to go home, they can meet new companions and furthermore worldwide understudies can take in the subtleties of culture from within, just as be progressively fruitful in learning. Other than schoolwork, tests and grades, an understudy public activity is fun, yet it isn't in every case simple to discover diversion that are consistently appreciate. Numerous universal understudies don’t have a vehicle and along these lines their potential outcomes are constrained, yet the worldwide house â€Å"every Friday makes shopping trips†(William Mallett). Drivers take understudies where they need to proceed to return them to home in the wake of shopping. Additionally every Thursday understudies can go to scenic route outings. Playing sports and associating in the outside air, helpful and simultaneously you can see new pieces of the city just as make new companions. The vast majority accept that concentrating in an alternate nation is a benefit since they can encounter different societies, and gain from them. Be that as it may, in the United States it isn't in the same class as they suspected in light of the fact that International understudies have substantially more weight being in this nation, and some of the time they can't deal with it quite well. Along these lines, in the United States the life of a worldwide understudy is truly troublesome if individuals contrast it with the life of an American understudy. Worldwide understudies need to become familiar with another dialect to examine, they can't work while contemplating, and their educational cost is substantially more costly. At the point when individuals moves to the United Stated to consider they envision that it will be useful, and they accept that learning another dialect won't be an issue. Nonetheless, when they truly begin considering their major, they discover that it is difficult since individuals need to truly comprehend and value the language. Global understudies need to truly learn English, and they need to realize how to compose it so as to have achievement. Additionally, for them to have accomplishment in college they need to take part in class, and break down a measure of readings, and in light of the fact that they are global understudies, it is hard to accomplish since they accept that Americans are going to chuckle at them or make jokes of them on the off chance that they state something erroneously. For instance, a few Americans don't understand once in a while how hard is for universal understudies being in an alternate nation, with various individuals, learning another dialect, and encountering various societies, so some of them don't generally value the exertion that worldwide understudies put on being in the United States. It’s way more weight for worldwide understudies. They must have passing marks and work as hard as could reasonably be expected, supposing that not individuals back home going to put a great deal of disgrace on them and their folks. Concentrating in various nation it is consistently rivalry for worldwide understudies, however on the off chance that understudies pick right University where individuals care about global understudies and attempting to help it shouldn’t be that difficult. Global understudy association unquestionably helps understudies from different nations feel increasingly good and less achy to go home, so they would you be able to do best in classes to contend with other understudy on a similar level. Work refered to. Mike,Davis. â€Å"Arrrgh you prepared for Pirate Fest? † East Carolinian, 12 April 2012 . Web. 1 November. Mallet,William â€Å"International Student Organization. † 30 october. 2012 MALLETTW@ecu. edu Personal page Office of International Affairs www. ecu. edu/intlaffairs/ Step by step instructions to refer to International Student Organization, Essay models

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2018 Wait List Update - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

2018 Wait List Update - UGA Undergraduate Admissions 2018 Wait List Update Starting this past Monday (5/7) and ending in the late afternoon today, we will finalize our decisions for all students on the Wait List. Due to the fact that our deposit numbers are slightly above the level that we predicted for next year, we are very limited in the number of offers we are able to make. We will be making all Wait List decisions in the same manner as our other admission decisions, where a decision will be displayed on the status page and an email will be sent shortly after a decision is made to alert the applicant that a status change has occurred. Admitted students have a two-week Commitment Deposit deadline from the acceptance date. We will not be calling students about the Wait List, but instead will be using the status page for the decision release. In reviewing the students who we admitted off the Wait List, there were a variety of individual reasons for the offers that were made. As such, I cannot give an overarching reason for the decisions. We did take into account our earlier reviews of the files, along with a wide range of information that we had on hand. For those many strong students we were not able to admit from the Wait List, we thank you for choosing us as one of the options for your higher education. We wish you the very best of college success. We understand that this is not the news you were hoping for, and we very much appreciate your patience “waiting on the Wait List.” Please remember that there are a number of complex reasons why the University made the final decisions it did, and we respectfully remind all that this blog cannot be used for comments about why you or other individuals did or did not get admitted in the Wait list process. We hope that our quick turn around of the Wait List situation has allowed you and your family to make plans on a much earlier time frame that initially projected.

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Justice Is Unfair Or Unjust - 1189 Words

When one hears the word, justice, one would think of the courts and how people are dealt out punishment based on the law. One may also think of several court cases where the outcome may have been unfair or unjust. It is interesting how justice is perceived by people as justice can mean several things to people, like what is true justice? How is a sentence deemed fair? Most people believe that true justice is when a sentence is given to someone and that the sentence chosen is in line with the crime committed by the person who is deemed guilty. However what if there was a person who committed a murder but had a mental illness. Is it fair to give him the death sentence? Some would say yes because they killed someone, however others would†¦show more content†¦Though Arthur didn’t want to kill his wife, whom he loved so dearly, the King wished for true justice to prevail so he ordered his wife to be executed in the name of the law. Here is an example of how the King put hi s emotions in check in order for justice to prevail. However one would wonder whether it was really true justice as the king had forgiven his wife but he had to still attempt to execute her. As such, it can be lead to believe that true justice isn’t real. Though a ruling might seem just to one party, it may be be unfair to another. In the court system one party may receive the proper justice that they wanted but the other may feel as the judgment was unfair. The poet, Langston Hughes dealt with this matter through his poetry. In his poem, â€Å"Justice†, Hughes calls justice a â€Å"blind goddess† (Hughes â€Å"Justice† 1) that only â€Å"we black are wise† (Hughes â€Å"Justice† 2). By doing so he is calling out that justice is unfair, in the context of his poem, he is relating to the matter regarding black rights in America during the 1900’s. He states that the current justice system is only fair to white people and not black. This helps to prove the point that rulings are often unfair especially in regards to racial issues. In the past court cases, blacks were unfairly treated and prosecuted due to the fact that it was deemed at the time that whites were ‘superior.’ However over time this changed though itShow MoreRelatedThe Act of Cheating870 Words   |  4 Pageswant to be on unequal ground with anyone. If you can get an edge you take it. Such is the way of our nature and of our current society. A good example of this is performance enhancing drugs in sports. If a player or team uses it, it gives them an unfair advantage against other teams. Most players and teams respond to this by using those drugs themselves to even the playing field. It’s only fair since the opposing team would have performed drastically better than them if they had not. And by usingRead MorePrejudicial issues in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay753 Words   |  4 Pagesof Atticus. Having Scout as the narra tor allows Harper Lee to highlight the gender inequity through a youthful unbiased perspective. The chauvinistic attitudes and prejudiced views of most of the town’s folk leaves Maycombs social hierarchy in an unfair order, victimising many of the town’s people due to their socially non-conforming habits some ‘socially unaccepted people’ including Boo Radely and the Cunninghams. Read MoreJustice Is One Of Four Cardinal Platonic Virtues Essay1298 Words   |  6 PagesJustice is one of four cardinal Platonic virtues. These virtues are said to be good by nature, and so they must be ideals that all individuals strive to demonstrate in their lives. In The Republic, Plato (through Socrates) attempts to find the definition of Justice through dialogue with his colleagues. One of his colleagues Thrasymachus proclaims that: â€Å"Justice is in the interest of the stronger.† (338c) In other words, rulers make laws from which only they reap the benefits of. Fortunately, thisRead MoreAntigone Essay926 Words   |  4 PagesCivil disobedience is an act Antigone and multiple modern-day women commit to raise awareness of a lack of justice in their societies. Civil disobedience is the refusal to comply with certain laws as a peaceful form of political protest. This form of protest is sho wn throughout Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone. Antigone, the protagonist, exhibits civil disobedience when she gives her brother, Polyneices, a proper burial. Antigone is very much like Rosa Parks as described in the article â€Å"Rosa Parks leavesRead MoreAntigone And Martin Luther Kings Letter From Birmingham Jail831 Words   |  4 PagesUnited States still struggles with injustice and unjust laws that causes many problems within the country. Such as it did 54 years ago, and even during the BC ages was it a problem. Dr King’s letter explains how he knew he broke the law by blocking a road, but did it due to the racism and injustices that were happening. In Antigone, she buries her brother even though he was not meant to, and due to she is a female and that she broke the law that was unjust her consequence is to die. Sophocles’ AntigoneRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Jim Crow On Trial 747 Words   |  3 PagesThe book Jim Crow on Trial is very much centered aroun d subjects of justice and fairness. As it follows a real court case, if must do so. The boys suffer through a time of unfair and often cruel treatment. They are accused by 2 white girls, tried by bias and racist juries, and finally, thrice convicted of rape and sentenced to death. In their last trial, some had their charges dropped, and others received only life in prison. Those in prison eventually left on parole. Only one of the boys was pardonedRead MoreTo Kill A Mockingbird Southern Injustice Analysis853 Words   |  4 PagesJ. Corbett once wisely stated, â€Å"Individuals can resist injustice, but only a community can do justice†. This quote paints a clear picture of how sometimes individuals, such as Atticus, can stand up for what’s right, yet the entire community must invest in justice in order to advance in this area. Striving for truth and justice in their own lives, all citizens must make an investment in seeing that justice also oversees everything happeni ng in the community. Sadly, in To Kill a Mockingbird, the peopleRead MorePolitical And Economic Theory Is An Often Contentious Subject1582 Words   |  7 Pageseveryone is better off together than alone but that everyone wants to reap the benefits of a society and no one wants to bear the burden. Because of these conflicts, a system of justice must be put in place to aid in the division of these benefits and burdens. With this idea in mind, Rawls develops the principles of social justice. He argues that a well-ordered society is one where everyone accepts these principles. These principles show that individuals have different purposes and goals but recognizesRead MoreWhat Does Human Justice And Injustice Look Like?1318 Words   |  6 PagesBefore answering the question of â€Å"What does human justice and injustice look like?†, we ought to firstly define the two words. First we give an informal, contemporary definition of the words. The word justice can be defined as being treated with fairness or fair behavior, the word justice is also commonly linked with peace and good. On the other hand, the word injustice can be defined as the opposite of justice and absence of fairness and justice. Theses two words are commonly linked and correspondsRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr., Lenard Pitts, Henry David Thoreau, And Harper Lee970 Words   |  4 Pages In order for justice to prevail there must be realization that there are unjust occurrences that need to be dealt with, there must be action taken to show how immense the situation is and how rapidly it should be dealt with, and there must be nonviolent demonstrations for superb end conclusions. There are 3 steps in order for justice to prevail which were ideas derived from Martin Luther King Jr., Lenard Pitts, Henry David Thoreau, and Harper Lee. Those three steps will be explained and discussed

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Volunteering as a Senior - 1129 Words

Volunteering BACKGROUND Seniors of Christian Academy of Knoxville have to do a Capstone. The Capstone has to do with volunteering and serving others. The seniors try to do something that may be something they want their job to be in the future or what they want to major in in college. I will be volunteering at Young Williams Animal Shelter and Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center. Paralysis One of the main projects I will be doing during my capstone is working at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center with paralyzed people. Working with paralyzed people takes a lot of work and many things that I need to learn. One of the main problems that are paralyzed has emotional problems. Many people get very depressed that have figured out they have been diagnosed with paralysis (â€Å"Caring for the Paralyzed†). Depression in a paralysis patient can get two times worse than people who are not paralyzed (â€Å"Caring for the Paralyzed†). The patient will not be able to do many things on his or her own. There are many ways to help the patient feel better, but it can be very difficult. Talking about his or her family is a good way to make them feel better (â€Å"Caring for the Paralyzed†). It is good to keep also talk about things they are interested in. Body Care Being paralyzed the patients cannot do many things except to lay in bed, which is why body care is very important to a paralyzed patient. If a paralyzed person lies still in a bed to long he or she will get pressure sores. When somebodyShow MoreRelatedWhy Volunteering Important?770 Words   |  3 PagesEdward â€Å"Ted† Kennedy, a former senior United States Senator from Massachusetts, once said, â€Å"Volunteer work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dreams shall never die.† (Kennedy, Ted) Merriam Webster defines â€Å"volunteerism† as the act or practice of doing volunteer work in community service. (Webster, Merriam) Not only do you get to feel good about yourself, but also you get the satisfaction of incorporating service into the lives of people and making a difference in your communityRead MorePursuasive Speech on Volunteering for the Elderly Essay1141 Words   |  5 Pagesdifference being a volunteer for the elderly. I know you are asking yourself- How can I help? I am not good at anything. That’s the beauty of it, you don’t have to be. There are numerous areas that you can help out when helping seniors. There’s volunteering to help disables seniors, for example – Chris – you can help - you could plant some of your day lilies to spruce up the lady’s house down the street. I’m sure you can remember the one always known as grandma and back when she was able to do her yardRead MoreVolunteering For The Salvation Army907 Words   |  4 PagesVolunteering for the Salvation Army When the f-5 tornado decimated the town of Smithville on April 27, 2011, a whopping 15 people were killed, 40 people injured, 18 homes destroyed, and two businesses were annihilated. (National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office) Without the help of various organizations, like the Salvation Army, Smithville would’ve never recovered from the horrifying disaster, which made me wonder what the Salvation Army does, what a volunteer needs to do, and what the benefitsRead MoreMandatory Community Service For Seniors1233 Words   |  5 Pages Mandatory Community Service for Seniors When applying for a position at a job, managers always check to see how much experience you have in order to check if you are qualified. When filling out a college application there are always questions that ask to write down any extra curricular activities you participated in or any clubs/service work you did and for how long. It is important to be a part of the community and to be dedicated to one or two locations for a certain amount of time toRead MoreOpportunities Offered By The Youth Zone For The Youths722 Words   |  3 PagesThe concept of volunteering in general terms refers to the act of rendering a service or services by free will or choice for the benefit of the community at large by an individual, a group, or an institution without expecting monetary gain or return in appreciation of being a volunteer (social impact of volunteerism) The effectiveness of volunteering in the community cannot be over emphasized. It helps to build a strong and cohesive community. It promotes social inclusion as well as integration andRead MoreMy Experience At The Weigel Center / Senior Center1474 Words   |  6 Pages My experience in the Weigel Center/Senior center was superb, I enjoyed helping the senior citizens very much. I thought it was a great learning experience for the future if I wanted to to that again or help anyone with anything. Doing this gave me more skills for volunteering in the future. I also enjoyed the people there, they were very kind not what I expected I thought they would all be grumpy and want to eat there hearts out but I was wrong really wrong they were all kind and there wereRead MoreDiscovering Diversity Project By Amin And Holmes1608 Words   |  7 Pagesdiagnosed individuals. This was accomplished by volunteering at the Bethany Care Society, a senior home for individuals with dementia of varying degrees ranging from mild forgetfulness to fully reliving past experiences. Specifically, I volunteered as a mealtime companion for seniors with dementia that heavily impaired their fine motor skills. Subsequently, my routine at Bethany had me arrive by 11:30 am once a week and provide companionship to seniors as they waited for lunch to be served. By noonRead MoreBe a Leader, Not a Follower669 Words   |  3 PagesGirl Scouts sparked my interest and passion for volunteering. My troop, Troop 1610, would often complete service projects for our community and others. I started Girl Scouts in the â€Å"Brownie† level and continued to participate in it as I advanced from Brownies to Juniors to Cadettes. Throughout my Girl Scout career, I earned my Bronze Award and Silver Award which involved many service projects. Every winter my Girl Scout troop would visit the local senior center and sing holiday carols as well as passRead MoreThe Importance Of Benefits Of Skills- Based Volunt eering Essay1436 Words   |  6 PagesOne of the most important benefits of skills- based volunteering is the ability to build leadership skills. During a student’s college career, leadership development is taught through a traditional classroom setting, which teaching what are crucial leadership skills and what theories are out there. With only 25 College of Business registered student organizations, there is also a limited number of ways to gain leadership positions in the College of Business. Therefore, there is only a limited numberRead MoreVolunteering At A Food Pantry890 Words   |  4 Pagesnever thought about the importance of these questions until a recent experience I had volunteering at a food pantry. There are organizations whose main purpose is to help those in need and provide resources to members of the community who are going through difficult times. A food pantry is a non-profit community serviced organization that provides members of the community with gro ceries and resources. From volunteering at this food pantry I learned more than ever to never â€Å"judge a book, by its cover†

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The Multi Tiered System Of Support Essay - 2040 Words

(Carta, Greenwood, Atwater, McConnell, Goldstein and Kaminski 2015) believe that using Response to Intervention (RTI) or the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) in preschool programs will begin to change the way children read in kindergarten and in the future. Their study set out to show the value of identifying and preventing learning problems early and the importance of individualized instruction in a preschool setting. Out of six hundred and fifty-nine children in sixty-five Pre-K classes in four different states, these individuals did a study of Tier 1 instruction involving Kansas City, Mo/KS; Columbus, OH; Eugene-Springfield, OR; and Minneapolis, MN. The classroom sites that were studies were state preschools, Head Start, Title 1, Tuition-based programs, full-day programs, and half-day programs. Eighty-one percent of the children were 4-year old, 19% were 5-year-olds. â€Å"The gender was balanced, and included 36% African American, 31% White, 20% Hispanic/Latino, 10% mu lti-race, and 3% Asian. Approximately 23% of the children were ELLs. The mean percentage of children eligible for early childhood special education (with IEPs) was 11%. This also varied across program types with 15% of children in Head Start programs having IEPs and 3% of children in Tuition-Based programs. Regarding parent/caregiver educational attainment in the overall sample, 22% of parents reported having less than high school, 23% had high school diplomas or general education development (GED),Show MoreRelatedCase Study On A Multi-Tiered System Of Supports972 Words   |  4 Pagesis to focus on a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (M TSS). Over the last two years, staff has received training in CITW strategies, which support s and provides best practice instructional strategies for the core instruction of our MTSS model. In addition, the district emphasizes that staff utilize a variety of data to inform instruction at all levels of support. First Paragraph: District/ School Initiatives The district will continue to focus on a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for bothRead MoreImplementing Multi Tiered Systems Of Support A Part Of Our Normal Routine891 Words   |  4 PagesMTSS Update: Our district is well along the path to making Multi-Tiered Systems of Support a part of our normal routine. We are in our 6th year for reading and starting our third year of working on behavior. We will be continuing to work on both of those areas and rolling in math this year. All buildings have completed our first reading screener of the year and are busy doing further diagnostic testing of students who are not at benchmark. Some small groups have already started to address theRead MoreClassroom Reflection Paper1486 Words   |  6 Pagesdestroy success in the classroom. By looking into how to create a safe environment, linking a students interests and past into their educational experience, understanding where the student is coming from, and realizing the importance of a multi-tiered system of supports in the school, teachers can see how to implement a high quality education with the highest achievement rates. Positive Learning Environment â€Å"Classroom management refers to those activities of the classroom teachers that create a positiveRead MoreThe Essential Components Of Mtss988 Words   |  4 PagesSolving and Decision Making †¢ Layered Continuum of Supports †¢ Evidence-Based Instruction, Intervention, and Assessment Practices †¢ Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring †¢ Family, School, and Community Partnering The purpose of MTSS is to hold both the teacher and the student accountable for a successful education. MTSS is a partnership that relies on the effort of both parties. The fundamental purpose is to increase the level of supports the student needs to be successful by using evidenceRead MoreThe Federal Emergency Management Agency1123 Words   |  5 PagesStrategy for Homeland Security. The NRF lists five key principles: Engaged Partnership, Tiered Responses, Scalable, Flexible, and Adaptable Operational Capabilities, Unity of Effort through Unified Commands, And Readiness to Act. The Engaged Partnership refers to the leaders at all levels, the whole community/international partners, work together to develop response collective goals and aligned capabilities. Tiered Response is where the incidents are handled at the lowest jurisdiction/levels (such asRead MoreThe Amazing Flexible You Is A Social Thinking Curriculum For Preschool And Early Elementary Years852 Words   |  4 Pagesmore children are entering preschool and the elementary level without the social knowledge and self-regulation skills for them to be successful in school. Incorporating a social thinking curriculum into the regular education classroom is one way to support and identify students early. The Incredible Flexible You can be used as whole group, small group or an individual intervention or preven tive approach. The program is designed for children with average to strong verbal language and learning abilitiesRead MoreThe Impact Of Implementing Pbis On The Social, Emotional And Academic Outcomes1189 Words   |  5 Pages Often times in school settings there are systems that are put into place to assist in behavioral change. The systems are usually introduced and planted by a team of administrators or teachers that develop intervention plans. These intervention plans are referred to as positive behavioral support systems that usually assist students with behavioral or academic difficulties. In 1972, it was learned during the Mills vs. the D.C. Board of Education case that diverse learners were not receiving theRead MoreThe Affordable Care Act And Patient Protection Act1482 Words   |  6 PagesThis paper explores the flaws within the healthcare system in America that was passed as the Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection Act (PPACA); although, the intent behind the act was meant to do no harm, it seems as if the Affordable Care Act did more harm than good within the majority of the population. There are many sides to any issue, especially concerning the healthcare system within the United Stat es, but based off of research, statistics, and articles one can obviously perceive it toRead MoreImportance of IT Support Systems1230 Words   |  5 PagesForm of support is one of the important aspects in every organization. People in support team have responsible for helping, distributing, and maintaining the condition of computer and customer or user satisfaction including hardware, software, and multimedia resources. By helping students, and staff in the faculty about the correct way to use the technology, they also gives a one-to-one contact for end-user support. Support team provide offers for a wide range of services including help desk, callRead MoreDevelopment Of Standardized Policy And Procedures1316 Words   |  6 PagesThere remains an evident need for the development of standardized policy and procedures to define and organize specific levels of competencies within the health care navigation system and address the prevailing inconsistencies. From the mid-1960s when C hairman Mao proclaimed a new health policy: a Barefoot Doctor lay health care provider program designed to address the shortage of physicians in China s vast rural populations1-3 to the conjoint efforts in the United States’ â€Å"Great Society Mission4†

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Using Psychometric Analyses A Case Study Of Abu Dhabi †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Using Psychometric Analyses A Case Study Of Abu Dhabi. Answer: Purpose Statement Psychometric assessment is a scientifically proven method of testing individuals metal capability to judge whether they are fit for working in an organization based on their behavioral style. It analyzes the personality characteristics and aptitude of candidates to understand if they have the necessary skills and mental ability that are required to execute tasks that are to be assigned to them by the employer. These tests help organizations to understand if the candidates are fit for the job they have applied for. The tests assist the employers to come up with accurate and specific predictions regarding the current and potential behavior of the individuals. Also, the employers can even make predictions about the behavior of the already existing employees (Floyd et al. 2015). The research will deal with the psychometric assessment tests of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (AIDA) to understand the training needs of the specific organization and try to fathom whether these tests are, in e ffect, helpful. Aims The goal of the research is to analyze the psychometric assessment tests of AIDA and give a comprehensive understanding regarding the efficiency and actual positive effects of these tests. Test subjects, the candidates and existing employees, from the organization are to be questioned and tested; and based on the gathered results, the behavioral pattern of the individuals would be set and then those results are to be used to understand the effectiveness of the psychometric test patterns of the organization (Neuendorf 2016). This would help the company to understand whether the candidates are suitable for the work they are to be bestowed with. The research results would facilitate the employer to recruit the best candidates as well as aiding the organization to understand who are the most effective workers and retain employees accordingly. Hypothesis H1: Psychometric assessment tests of AIDA have positive effects on its employees H0: Psychometric assessment tests of AIDA have negative effects on its employees Designing the test The AIDA has planned its psychometric analysis test very meticulously, so that no information goes unattended, or no stones left unturned. The test would provide the organization with results, that would usher in potential candidates, who may have the capability to make the organization even bigger. The tests would also give vital insight about how should the training procedure be for each individual: the results that are generated would be unique in nature, which means, every individual will show completely different personality traits. That would mean the organization also has to harness different strategies for every individual (Schmidt and Hunter 2014). The research philosophy is supposed to pivot around positivism. According to this philosophy, the data that is gathered based on observation is the only type of data that can be trusted (Wei et al. 2015). The simple logic behind this is that, observation helps organizations to understand how individuals behave under certain conditions or how they react in specific situations. This observation allows organizations predict the movement and future behavior or the employees under similar conditions and stipulations. These research data are quantifiable (Raykov, Marcoulides and Patelis 2015). AIDA hopes to use positivism in the most efficient way, so that the candidates can turn over maximum data to the organization and this would enable the company to devise the training procedure in accordance to that. AIDA also aims to develop the skills of its already existing employees by observing their behavioral patterns as well. The research approach has been decided to be a deductive one. That would help AIDA to be optimal and most efficient while dealing with the gathered data. This type of research approach helps organizations to correctly reach a conclusion solely based on factual data which are directly provided by the employees themselves. The employers are also to be used to understand which specific behavior is being expected from the candidates or the existing employees. This would be handy information because the benchmark would be set in accordance to this. AIDA has decided to gather cross sectional data for its research purposes. This type of data is gathered for a specific point of time. The data, that is collected, comes from an array of participants from different demographics and other parameters are also in play. AIDA would successfully remove any assumption and replace them with tangible data which are measurable and can be further analyzed. Data is to be collected directly from the employers and some of the existing employees in the form of interviews. Random subjects are to be chosen who would take the tests. The answers that are gathered would be thoroughly examined and analyzed to come up with the most optimal of solutions, that would assist in chalking out the training process (Pedhazur and Schmelkin 2013). Samples The participants for the test are ten of the Board members of AIDA, who would help to understand the requirements of the organization from its employees and fifty employees of the same organization. The employees would be the best subjects for the test as they are the ones who are to be trained and tested by the organization. Equipment The employees would be given questionnaires describing different scenarios and asking them what step are they going to take. This would yield extremely useful results. These particular results would be analyzed extensively to understand the behavior patter. These questionnaires will be formed based on the basic requirements of the organization and the tasks that are expected of the employees. Analysis The entire analysis is to be done in a quantitative way, focusing on statistical data. These data are factual and can be measured through analytical and statistical ways to come up with quantifiable results that would be most helpful for the purpose at hand. References Floyd, R.G., Shands, E.I., Alfonso, V.C., Phillips, J.F., Autry, B.K., Mosteller, J.A., Skinner, M. and Irby, S., 2015. A Systematic Review and Psychometric Evaluation of Adaptive Behavior Scales and Recommendations for Practice.Journal of Applied School Psychology,31(1), pp.83-113. Neuendorf, K.A., 2016.The content analysis guidebook. Sage. Pedhazur, E.J. and Schmelkin, L.P., 2013.Measurement, design, and analysis: An integrated approach. Psychology Press. Raykov, T., Marcoulides, G.A. and Patelis, T., 2015. The importance of the assumption of uncorrelated errors in psychometric theory.Educational and Psychological Measurement,75(4), pp.634-647. Schmidt, F.L. and Hunter, J.E., 2014.Methods of meta-analysis: Correcting error and bias in research findings. Sage publications. Wei, T., Chesnut, S.R., Barnard-Brak, L. and Richman, D., 2015. Psychometric analysis of the Social Communication Questionnaire using an item-response theory framework: implications for the use of the lifetime and current forms.Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment,37(3), pp.469-480.